Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour at Keystone- A Festival Dedicated to Bacon!

That’s right, a Keystone summer festival dedicated entirely to the salty candy of meats- BACON!  On June 22 & 23, 2019  the smell of delicious sizzling bacon will take over Keystone’s River Run Village!

Vendors from across the country will be serving up pounds and pounds of bacon!  Whether it be traditional style bacon, chocolate dipped bacon, bacon sundaes, or bacon Bloody Marys, you know it will be good! Be prepared for some great surprises with some of the more unconventional dishes!  Don’t miss the signature event, where vendors pair up with Keystone chefs to create unique bacon dishes and are judged in both ‘savory’ and ‘sweet’ categories. Festival visitors can also enjoy live music and beer all weekend while taking in the sights and sounds of the festival.  There will be bacon-themed lectures and cooking demonstrations held at Warren Station over the course of the weekend, to help people learn about all the different ways of cooking with bacon and new techniques to help you whip up your own unique bacon dishes at home.  Kids can have fun playing bacon-themed games and doing free crafts and activities, not to mention meeting the giant pig mascot.

This fun event is the first of three major summer festivals in Keystone, followed by the Wine & Jazz Festival on July 13 and 14th and the popular Bluegrass and Beer Festival taking place the first weekend in August.

SummitCove Lodging is offering weekend festival packages that include your festival tickets and lodging in River Run Village.  See Bacon Festival Packages Here.

Chocolate covered bacon at Keystone’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort Extends Their Season!

Cooler temperatures and some late season spring snowstorms have allowed Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort to extend their ski season an extra weekend.  With original plans to close this weekend on Sunday, June 2, the mountain will reopen again next weekend for skiing and riding on June 7 – 9.  Spring skiing conditions have been great and people are holding on to winter sports as long as they can.  Lift tickets for late season skiing and riding at A-Basin are discounted, just $45 for adults and $35 for youth.  For those who bought next season’s pass, the skiing for the rest of this year is free! Why not come out for a few more days on the mountain… even if it is just to brag to your friends that you are skiing in June?!

Late Season Skiing During a Previous Year at Arapahoe Basin

Upgrading Your Vacation Rental Property

We as property managers are often consulted about which kind of property upgrades are the most worthwhile, what kind of things will make the difference in gaining more rental income and keep guests wanting to come back to YOUR property versus another. The answers to these questions are not always the same for every owner, nor is every property the same. Some properties need more upgrading than others, but here are a few general tips.

The first thing to consider is whether you are thinking of a major upgrade or a minor one, whether you want to change a few surface details versus a big project or even remodel. If you have a small budget, consider some minor upgrades- they can often be low-cost and yet make a major difference. For example, replacing your old floral bedspread with something new and more luxurious that has a bit more of a mountain and western feel. Other upgrades which can go a long way are replacing tube-style TVs with flat screen TVs. Something to note about flat screens though, is you get what you pay for. Stay away from off-brands and buy the name brand. They will last longer and you will be more satisfied in the long run. Other items like adding an I-pod dock or speaker system can be a nice touch for guests, but won’t have as great of a return on investment that new TV’s and bedding will.  A few other things to consider adding are a gas barbecue grill to your patio if you have space and decking out your kitchen with crock pots, nice pots and pans, a high-quality Tupperware set and other goods that make cooking easier.  The artwork on bare walls is a nice touch to add some personality to your condo, ski and mountain themes are very popular.

If you are looking to do major upgrades, you should still be selective on your choices. Since much of what a renter sees is in the photos and video tour, appearance is everything.

Do: Replace the carpet or enhance the flooring with hardwood or tile. You will get plenty of mileage and lots of good looks out of your photos by making this change.  When choosing carpet, go for something darker than off-white and with a nice texture.  Remember that carpets wear faster in rental properties and you want something that will hide any imperfections.

Do: Add some zest to a room by changing paint colors or adding an accent wall. It’s amazing how a little paint will go a long way towards changing the appearance of your property! Paint color can make or break an entire room.

Do: Replace your counter-tops with granite or a granite alternative. Granite is one of those things that really can make your kitchen look that much better just by itself.  Another nice touch in the kitchen is adding a colorful tile backsplash behind the stove.

Don’t: Just replace one appliance. When you replace appliances, they should all match. Trust us, a stainless steel refrigerator with a white microwave, dishwasher, and stove is not a good look.

Don’t: Replace individual pieces of furniture. Similarly to the appliances in the kitchen, replacing singular pieces of furniture can make things look worse and almost impossible to match. If you are going to replace furniture, do it right and replace the whole lot.

Property upgrades are a great way to help your property be a great place to rent and an even better place to own. Just make sure you are doing the right things to your property to maximize the revenue which can be added from the upgrades!

Check out the photos below of a remodel done at an Expedition Station condo!  New paint, furniture, counter-tops, bedding, decor, carpeting and more make this look like a different place! Remember, SummitCove guests get to choose the property they want to stay in based on the photos and videos provided, so it is in your benefit to make it look great!

2013 Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour in Keystone is back, THIS WEEKEND!

It’s back in less than a week!  The festival that makes all other festivals jealous is coming back to Keystone again this weekend on June 22nd and 23rd. Not because it’s the world’s biggest, but rather because it is a celebration of that one food that just about everyone seems to love. We are of course speaking about the only food that falls into almost every category of food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, meat, side dish, main course, appetizer, condiment and to some perhaps even “vegetable,” yep, we’re talking about Bacon.

River Run Village at Keystone Resort plays host once again to the festival devoted to what some consider the world’s most versatile food. The food that once was just for breakfast can now be seen in a huge variety of dishes. It can be used as a topping on a cheeseburger and a topping on a pizza, a wrapping for a filet mignon or the wrapping of a Jalapeno pepper. It can be infused with Vodka and added to a bloody Mary, or even be added to a Latte to make coffee that much better. It can be prepared in a frying pan, or breaded and deep-fried or doused in chocolate and served over ice cream.  You will love the chance to try all of these amazing dishes, prepared by the best chefs around!

Keystone Resort provides the perfect backdrop for the 3rd annual installment of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour, where some of the best purveyors of Bacon in the U.S. will be on-hand offering samples of their best stuff. In addition, there will be plenty of vendors offering almost any bacon combination you can think of. If the stimulation of your olfactory and gustatory systems wasn’t enough, be sure to pop into Warren Station for one of the Bacon University Seminars. Learn about the various types of bacon, methods of curing, and virtually anything you could ever hope to know about bacon.. and more!

For two days, Keystone’s River Run Village will be ALL ABOUT BACON! The tastings will be accompanied by cold beverages and free live music from Hamilton Loomis, The Steeldrivers, and Hell’s Belles.

SummitCove Lodging in Keystone has Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival lodging and ticket packages starting at just $199 for two people!  Come and indulge yourself on one of our favorite foods! After all, is said and done, you may be feeling guilty about all that bacon intake, but not to worry! There are plenty of activities from hiking to biking to kayaking and canoeing here in Keystone to help you justify your bacon intake for the day or weekend.  Don’t miss one of the most unique festivals in Colorado, happening this weekend in Keystone!

Friday Afternoon Club at Keystone Resort

Ever find yourself wondering how to kill a few hours and not knowing what to do on a Friday? Is it too early to go out and explore the nightlife, but too late to start on an adventure like a hike or a bike ride? Perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you just aren’t quite ready for dinner. Well if you find yourself in that sort of situation on a Friday in Keystone why not jump on the Gondola for the Friday Afternoon Club!

Enjoy a free ride to the top of Dercum Mountain aboard the River Run Gondola.  The ride will take you up to Keystone’s Summit House where you will enjoy an evening of fun atop Dercum Mountain. Every Friday there will be live music from great local bands. Atop the mountain, you can also enjoy the fun (and free!) yard games provided. Challenge your friends to a game of Ladderball, Cornhole, Bocce or Horseshoes among others while you take in the breathtaking views from the top of Dercum Mountain towards Lake Dillon and Buffalo Mountain.  Relax and listen to music while sipping a glass of wine or a cold beer. If you do find yourselves feeling hungry there is plenty of mouthwatering food being served up at the Overlook Grille as you enjoy supper at 12,000 feet above sea level!










The Friday Afternoon Club runs every Friday throughout the summer from 4 pm to 7 pm. The gondola is still active all other days of the week and you can still ride it to the top to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the top of Dercum Mountain but it is only free on Friday afternoons and for foot passengers only. Kick off the weekend the right way by enjoying yourself atop Keystone Resort!

Live Music Lineup:
July 5th: The Luv Brothers
July 12th: Funky Johnson
July 19th:  Chancer’s Hooley
July 26th:  Funky Johnson
August 2nd:  Gristle Gals
August 9th:  Funky Johnson
August 16th:  The Schwingers
August 23rd:  The Schwingers
August 30th:  The Luv Brothers

Animal Planet Comedian, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald at Warren Station Tomorrow

If you are looking for something fun to do Saturday evening in Keystone, be sure to check out the comedy show at Warren Station!

Doors open at 6 pm and kicking things off will be comedian Chris Voth, who has appeared in 3 seasons of NBC’s television show ‘Last Comic Standing.’   Following Voth will be Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, star of Animal Planet’s ‘Emergency Vets.’ Fitzgerald is a Colorado native and known for his wildly hilarious stand-up and one-liners.

Tickets for the show are $10 in advance or $12 at the door and kids twelve and are just $6 in advance and $8 at the door, children five and under are free.  Don’t miss this fun event at Keystone’s Warren Station in River Run Village on Saturday, July 6!

Visit the Keystone Wine & Jazz Festival Next Weekend!

Be there as River Run Village at Keystone Resort is transformed into another world featuring swinging smooth jazz music and hundreds of wines available for your tasting pleasure while taking in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The Keystone Wine and Jazz Festival is back on July 13 & 14, 2013!

Keystone Summer Wine & Jazz Festival










Enjoy a weekend full of flowing wine, gourmet food, and live jazz music.  Find a new favorite, become a connoisseur and learn all about wines at various wine seminars throughout the weekend, like the Great Summer Wines Seminar or the Chocolate and Wine Pairing Seminar.  Enjoy live music from Joel Rodney, Will Donato with Quantum Jazz, Jeff Kashiwa, Jackiem Joyner, Mia Borders, and the contemporary Jazz band, Dotsero. Join the kickoff celebration on Friday Night by attending the Reserve Wine Tasting at Warren Station where guests will sample an array of fine wines, experience up close and intimate live entertainment and an enjoy an amazing gourmet meal. On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy a full weekend of wine and jazz from 1 – 5 pm each day.

SummitCove is offering multiple Wine and Jazz lodging and ticket packages for this great event, with packages starting at just $119 per person.


Get up, get out, and smell the WILDFLOWERS!

Summer is here in Keystone and the wildflowers are looking spectacular this season!  Huge, late-season spring snowstorms brought plenty of moisture to the high country, offering up the perfect conditions for the wildflowers to prosper and overtake the hillsides! Red paintbrushes, Lupines, Columbines, Wild Roses, Fireweeds and more are some of the most common Colorado Wildflowers.

Check out our Top 5 Favorite Ways to View the Wildflowers This Summer!
Don’t forget to bring your camera!

1. Ride the River Run Gondola to the top of Keystone’s Dercum Mountain and hike around the many trails above 11,000 feet!  Schoolmarm is a great family hike.

2. Climb 1 of Colorado’s 58 ‘fourteeners’, a peak that reaches higher than 14,000 feet! Grays and Torreys Peaks out of Bakerville or Quandary Peak in Breckenridge are both great intermediate 14’er hikes to start with! Begin your hike early morning to beat any afternoon showers.

3.  Hike to Shelf Lake in Montezuma, a beautiful trail that leads to a mountain lake, with plenty of wildflowers along the way!

4.  Try downhill or cross country mountain biking!  Many of the trails in and around Keystone feature rolling fields and vistas in which the flowers will be prominent.

5. Stroll around Keystone Lake and along the Snake River for a mix of beautiful planted flowers and wildflowers along the river.

Top 5 Apps to Download Before Your Keystone Ski Trip

Long gone are the days of paper, pens, maps, pay phones, and guesswork.  Smartphones and tablets have made life easy, offering new experiences, better ways to stay organized, and the ability to access limitless information literally at your fingertips.  Check out the list we’ve compiled of the Top 5 Apps you should download before you leave for your Keystone Colorado Ski Vacation.

Packing Pro
What it does
: This app can completely customize your packing list!  Enter variables such as a number of adults, children, days of travel, destination, and even laundry preferences to create packing lists for your vacation.  It even takes temperatures, location, and activities into play, reminding you to bring things like a winter jacket, gloves, and ski goggles!  Check items off your list once they are packed and take it with you on the go!



Epic Mix
What it does: The Epic Mix App is a must-get when coming to Keystone.  Your ski pass is activated with a special RF scanner that tracks your activity on the mountain. Check your vertical feet, see which lifts you’ve ridden, view your EpicMix Photos, earn pins, race your friends and even push your stats against Lindsey Vonn! Challenge yourself or your friends and family to some friendly competition!  You can also view trail maps, lift statuses, weather reports and more. Best yet, this app is free and every pass, even single day tickets, is equipped with the technology.


On the Snow Ski Report:
What it does:  This app helps you find the best powder, with live morning reports of ski area snow totals, so you can wake up and decide where to ski based on the results!  This app allows you to pick favorite mountains, set powder alerts, view trail maps, see what’s nearby and more.  Never miss another powder day!




Summit County Mobile App
What it does:  This app is your introduction to Summit County, offering up visitors great information and a way to virtually ‘explore’, basically your own mobile concierge!  including restaurants with reviews and photos, events, interactive maps, and news.  Get promotional offers from local businesses in the area and even search for things based on what you need!  Save more, explore the town, and find out what’s happening during your Keystone Vacation!



CDOT Mobile
What it does: Wondering what the I-70 traffic is going to be like on your way back to the airport?  The Official CDOT Mobile App provides travelers with real-time Colorado road information like current speeds and travel times, road conditions, road closures and even live feeds from CDOT’s road cams, so you can see for yourself what the traffic looks like.  Never waste time sitting in traffic again!

Labor Day Weekend in Keystone

Labor Day is almost here, meaning colder months are just around the corner!  Summer in Keystone is coming to a close, with just a few more scheduled summer events and the bike park coming to a close tentatively on September 15. Labor Day Weekend is a great time to come up and enjoy some of the last weeks of the summer before the snow starts to fall.

Kicking off Labor Day weekend in Keystone will be the last 2013 edition of the Friday Afternoon Club, featuring free gondola rides up to the top of Dercum Mountain.  Enjoy yard games, hiking, and a free concert at 11,000 feet with music from The Luv Brothers from 4 – 7 pm.  This is a great way to explore the mountain, take in the views, and enjoy food and drinks and a free concert at altitude.

On both Saturday and Sunday, check out a new event in Keystone, Cirque Due Wheels happening in River Run Village.  Saturday’s circus event features a free, live circus act, bringing in wild entertainers who perform juggling, aerial fabric acts, and other fun entertainment, from 3 – 7 pm.  Sunday is the main event; Cirque Due Wheels, a circus-themed bike festival.  Participate in events like competitive racing, costume contests, circus performers, live music, food, and of course all the biking you can handle!

Also taking place on Sunday in Lakeside Village is the annual food festival event, a ‘Taste of Keystone.’  There’s no better way to sample the best food from some of Keystone’s Top Chefs.  Tasting tickets will be available for purchase at this single-day event, so come walk around the beautiful Keystone Lake and satisfy your taste-buds with cuisine from some amazing local Keystone restaurants including the Alpenglow Stube, Ski Tip Lodge,  Keystone Ranch, Bighorn Steakhouse and the Black Bear Grill.  There will also be live music and a silent auction benefiting Mountain Mentors.

The annual ‘Taste of Keystone’ Festival happening at Keystone’s Lakeside Village Area over Labor Day weekend

Make your reservations for Labor Day Weekend in Keystone today!